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Random web URL’s are on the way!

arabicThe internet regulator Icann (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) have finally given the OK to non Latin based web addresses, which is set as a big change to the online world.

At Icann boards anual meeting in Seoul a majority vote concluded that now domain names written in arabic, chinese

and other squiggly languages will now be made accessable, which is about time as more than 1.6 billion people who use the net speak these languages.. and as always the net has been a predominantly american based entity.

Its set to be the biggest change on how the net works since it was first born over 40 years ago and the first Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) could be in use next year.

The move also means the internet’s Domain Name System (DNS) will be changed so it can recognise and translate non-Latin characters.The DNS acts like a phonebook, turning easily understood domain names into strings of computer-readable numbers, known as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

So lets hope Nike, Apple and other big company’s are hopping on the bandwagon to register their names in Arabic before some 17 year old in a shanty town with wireless gets in there first.

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