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Refresh your website for less than you think!

With ever changing technology, design trends, devices and google algorithms it is estimated that every 3-5 years a website can start to look out of date.

But don’t panic, there’s good news! This doesn’t mean you have to fork out for an entire new one website from scratch. We have had a number of clients come to us after being over quoted for a complete new site, when all it needed was a facelift and some simple code updates.

Most websites after around 2010 started to become editable, with a database containing all the content behind the scenes known as a Content Management System (CMS). This means your content and data is usually stored in a complete separate place to the information which determines how the website looks.

What does this mean? Essentially it means it’s extremely cost effective to just change the way the site look whilst pulling in your current content into the fresh new styling. It’s like having an entire new modern body shell on a car with the same underlying engine. Whilst at the same time we can add some tweaks to the engine to bring it up to modern speed too.

The first step is to see how your current site is set up, we pride ourselves in customer service so will always be honest and tell you if you need a complete new site or if it is built on a platform which would allow us to give it a much needed facelift at very little cost.  Just contact us today with your link today and we will be happy to advise.

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