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SEO – So you want to be top of google in a day?

I’ll let you down gently.. number one on google in a day isn’t possible. Yes I know there are a number of companies out there that promise this, but there is also a number of law suites against them and huge discussion in their web design world about the amount of people who have fell for this.

These companies are somewhat reminiscent to the medicine salesmen of the old west, promising miracle cures in a bottle then moving on. Some of them may be able to do it for a day at the most but using blacklisted cheating methods that when google spot they ban and then you won’t have a chance of getting on google again for months. At inLIFEDesign we have had to re-do two lots of SEO work already this year for people who have paid these companies and had no results.

The SEO we do is real, it works and its lasting. As well as ongoing checks and free advice to help yourself (see bottom of this page).

Yes there is a good chance of getting you top, but not in a day, we wont lie to you. Think about it.. lets imagine your starting a trainer company selling just NIKE trainers.. if someone promises you a number one spot on google do you really think your going to beat NIKE for the top spot? Seriously? If you could pay for a top spot everyone would be doing it.. thus everyone would be top?!

First of all the most important factor is the more specific your business is the more you have a chance (although this obviously cannot always be helped) for example if your selling octopus hats in Smethick and someone Googles ‘octopus hats Smethick’.. then you’ll get top spot no problem. However if your a new jewellers on the jewelry quarter in Birmingham it’ll take a little more time and effort as there’s a lot of competition. This then of course depends on how good your competitors SEO (search Engine Optimisation) is, so if all those other jewelers have trash coded websites and no SEO.. again we can shoot you up the listings quicker. Its just common sense mixed with a dash of understanding.

Google uses a number of algorithms and key factors to determine its listing order. at inLIFEDesign we use a number of proven methods to work alongside these eg. links coming in, links going out, meta tags (which are not the main factor as most wrongfully believe), valid and appropriate markup code, key words embedded and more (we can’t give all our secrets now can we) at the same time some of these factors cannot be helped such as one of Googles key points is how long your sites been up and running (its web age) so for new sites its just a case of waiting for this one.

Googles algorithms are also prone to change so its important to stay on top of its methods. One of the main jobs at Phones4u was SEO work to get them top of search engines, this was about 4 years ago and even since then a lot has changed.

*Note : We mention google primarily as all other search engines either ‘borrow’ or copy its algorithms.. so if we work to google were working to them all.

The SEO work we do at inLIFEDesign is embedded throughout the code ensuring google gets every drop of information it needs to get you to the top, as well as other external methods to enable you to boost up the search engines as soon as possible. We perform ongoing check backs and key words plugged in and monthly emails sent direct to your inbox to show you how well your doing.

So you can rest assure SEO from inLIFEDesign will work and do its job, no gimmicks and quality search engine listings guaranteed. In the mean time here’s a few hints you can do yourself to help get up the search engines, and we recommend all customers to do even after our SEO work…


  1. Get (relevant) links coming into your site : So if your sites about football.. links from kitchen sites won’t help, ask for othe rpeople with related content to ‘link swap’ you put a link to there’s in return for a link to yours
  2. Set (relevant) links outbound : link to other relevant sites, as above so link exchanges with other sites
  3. Content : Within your site text include a lot of the key words that you would expect people to type into search engines to find your site, embed these words throughout your general content and where possible link them to other relevant pages inside and outside of your website
  4. Update : The more often you update the more often google comes back, update often with relevant news items including key words (as above). But not too often if your updates are pointless.. don’t bore people.
  5. Socialise : Get facebook and twitter pages set up, link back and forth between your sites content and share with others. We do a lot of work setting up social accounts and ‘like buttons’ on sites with consultation on ‘social network advertising’ contact us for details on this.
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