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Get the most out of your SEO

Take a look at our guide below for just a few of the features within your app

Track your ranking and movement for specific key words.

  • Click on the menu item
  • Select SEO
  • Select Ranking

In here you can also click the small calendar icon top right and change the time period i.e last 30 days, or all time!

Keep an eye on your competition!

The key item to look at here is trust flow, this is how much Google trust your website against the competition, this is measured on a number of factors including website age, speed, quality and high scoring back-links.

Integrate your other marketing services, for easy statistics on all your social media and external platforms. Including

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • and many more!

Track specific events and goals including

  • Contact form completions
  • Accessing a certain page
  • Users calling via the website

Speak to your SEO Manager on the goals you would like to track

We can then set these up and they can be found in your menu under Analytics – Google Analytics – Events – Action (also Conversions – Goals)

View easy to understand Analytics. Click on your Menu – Analytics – Google Analytics. If you click on the small calendar icon top right you can also change the time perios.

A Brief outline of each is below

  • Acquisition – all : Shows where all your users are coming from, including the amount of sessions and how they found your website
  • Audience : In here you can view the amount of users from areas of the country / world. Which browser they use, returning visitors and more
  • Conversions : This is where you can view any Goals set by your SEO manager, or Ecommerce sales
  • Pages – All Pages : Shows the most popular pages users visit
  • Pages – Landing Pages : Shows the page visitors most often first come to when visiting your site
  • Pages – Exit Pages : Shows where visitors most often leave, this can be used to increase conversions by adding calls to action on the pages they exit from
  • Events – Action : This is where you can view specific targeted events (which can be set by your SEO Manager) for example if a user completes a contact form, or calls by clicking on your phone number

SEO Explained

Search engine optimisation is the art of optimising your website to get to the top of search engines such as Google. As Google change their algorithms all the time, this requires constant monitoring and adjustments to ensure you stay ahead of the game.

There are also some useful things you can do yourself to help boost your rankings, including :


Blogging : Adding news items at least once a month lets search engines know your website is active, and encourages their ‘bots’ to come back and read the website.


Link sharing :
Having links from other websites pointing to your own can help drive traffic and increase rankings, as long as these are from quality websites, or websites with a related subject matter.


Social Media :
Whilst posting on social media does not directly help your SEO rankings, driving links to your website by sharing blog articles on your social accounts does help bring up the amount of traffic on your website so has an indirect help.


Security :
Ensuring your website is on a high speed hosting provider with an SSL secure certificate gives you extra bonus points when it comes to Googles ranking scores.