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Why have I named this post SEO Lichfield you may be thinking? Well it’s just one of the many techniques that agencies use to boost specific search terms on the search engines. On the day of writing this blog post “November 1st 2018” we (inLIFE) are ranked 41st on Google for the search term SEO Lichfield. This is first place position on page four and we all now that users aren’t even going to make it past page 1 in most cases.

Why is this search term important for us?

SEO Lichfiled



Well the search term “SEO” on it’s own is very broad and as you can imagine, many other companies will be trying to get to the top for this phrase. So to make it more targeted I’ve chosen to incorporate a location “Lichfield” so the phrase I’m now looking to optimise is “SEO Lichfield”, we are using Lichfield as it’s very local to where we are based and is a well known city within the local area. Competition is high, so the steps below should help us increase but may not get us onto page one.

So how do I target a search term on my website?

Well an easy option and starting point would be to create either a new page or a blog post, for this example I’ve created this blog post. I will then add the chosen search term within the most important areas on the page.

The first element I will be looking at is;

Meta Title:

If your website is using a CMS (Content Management System), then it will most likely have a title entry field, this is where you can incorporate your chosen term. For this demonstration I’ve literally used SEO Lichfield. The optimal meta title length is between 50-60 characters, below is an example of how the Title is displayed to users searching for this search term currently on Google.

SEO Lichfield






The blue text, is the Meta Title. The company Coffee Black are currently in 1st place position on Google for our chosen term and essentially the highest competition, the search phrase SEO Lichfield is placed at the beginning of the title and then they have also optimised the term SEO Company Lichfield.

By incorporating SEO Company Lichfield as well, I would suspect this is another term that is important for them to get placed onto the top of the search engines.

Meta Description:

The Meta Description is what you can see below the tile, this doesn’t directly affect your ranking on Google but can aid in increasing your click though ratio (CTR), the more relevant this is to the content on the page and your audience, the more inclined a user will be to click on your link.

Image alt attribute: 

When uploading images to your website, you can add an alt attribute. This is what’s used to describe the image to search engines such as Google and Bing etc. If the image has a link it essentially acts like a keyword anchor helping the search engines understand the context of the destination page.

In the image below, I haven’t added a link, but I have set the image alt attribute to read “SEO Lichfield.”

SEO Lichfield



Heading 1: 

SEO Lichfield

Above is an example of a heading 1, in most cases if you’re using WordPress or another CMS. The heading will usually be styled larger than other headings unless the developer has chosen otherwise but back in 2013. The h1 attribute was one of the most powerful on page SEO elements that you could optimise, still in 2018 I think it’s a very Important ranking signal and tells the search engines how relevant the page is to what the user is searching for.

Body text / content: 

Content is king, gone are the days were you could spam your page with lots of different search terms and Google would instantly rank you. I recently wrote another article which tells you about the most important Google algorithm changes over the past 3 years in my opinion.

So my tip would be to create useful and relevant content where possible. Content sends signals to visitors and search engines about the quality and purpose of your website. The more users engage with your website the more trust will build and you should start seeing increases of your search terms.

Final Thoughts:

So although this blog article is to try and demonstrate how optimising all of the above items for our specified search term, SEO Lichfield to boost its position. I’ve also tried to make the content useful for people to incorporate the same techniques on their own websites.

Of course there are many other ways in which to optimise a website such as adding backlinks, optimising the speed of your website and adding a HTTPS certificate among lots of other elements but I’ll save that for another blog article.

This will give you food for thought on optimising your own website but I’d be more than happy to give you a price and information on how we could help you and your company get more traffic and higher on the search engines.

For a free website Audit please click here.

I’ve made a note to check the search term placement on Wednesday of next week, in which time I would have hoped that the search engines would have crawled the website and ranked this blog article accordingly. I will update the blog article then with progress.

Update November 8th 2018

As promised I wanted to update everyone with progress of the SEO and specifically our targeted search term (SEO Lichfield). Having checked our SEO monitoring software I’m pleased to say that we’ve moved from position 41, to 6th on Google with an increase of 35 places and 2nd place on Bing with an increase of 48 places.

3seo movement lichfield

The report above does say 38 but this is over a 30 day period and the search term may have fluctuated up and down over this period prior to our blog post optimisation.

If you search on Google we are actually in 3rd position but our software detects it as 6th because the Google Business listings appear first. Please see screenshot below;

SEO Lichfield

We are now only two places behind getting in front of our ideal target of first place position on Google. Now before I go on, one thing I personally and inLIFE as a whole pride ourself on, is honesty. Other agencies may get a result like this, send a report to the client and expect a nice pat on the back and perhaps even up their pricing after demonstrating their skills and progress.

However you must be aware of one of Google’s algorithms, referred to in the industry as (Fresh Content) benefits your placement when adding new and fresh content. When I first set out to reach that all important top spot, the company (Coffee Black) were and still are top. I can see that their content was added on January 2nd 2018.

Our content is much fresher, which is one of the reasons why we have been propelled onto page 1.  The search engines will now be monitoring numerous elements such as bounce rate, how long users are spending on this article.

Google and other search engines goal is to ultimately provide users with the most relevant content for the search term they have used.

So I suppose what I’m trying to say here is, we may be 3rd today but 13th next week depending on how users have engaged with this article.  If Google and other search engines don’t feel that our blog article is relevant to your search, then they will place another website link above ours.

On the flip side if we get more traffic to our blog post and users navigate around our site after viewing the post, they may push us higher.

The search engines are ever changing and always trying to provide the best results for their users. The term I’m using here (SEO Lichfield) isn’t overly competitive, if you were trying to get higher for search terms such as (Nike Trainers) you wouldn’t be able to just add a blog post and get fired into the top 3 positions. It would take planning and from an organic perspective you would have to utilise other terms etc, I may cover that in another blog post in the future.

If you would like to find our more information about our SEO packages then please click here or navigate to Services in the menu and then SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.


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