Googles New Mobile Algorithm!

Googles New Mobile Algorithm!

Google today launched their new Algorithm dubbed ‘Mobilegeddon’. This means websites that are mobile friendly will now be ranked higher. Firstly don’t panic, much like the recent hype behind the Cookie Policy this has become more of a media frenzy than an actual problem. Tests today have already shown that although the new algorithm is having … Continued

UK Kids re-design the google logo

Google have given kids of different age groups the chance to re-design the google logo! Vote for your favorite online now

Google Wave launched

Google wave started sending out its first lot of pre-invites around 10 hours ago.. for those that don’t know what Google wave is take a look here and within a few years hopefully you will be thinking you read it here first.. and it was the web app that started them all 🙂 Also not … Continued