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The Benefits of Custom Code

Here at inLife we offer custom coded websites that make your website unique to the rest of the internet. One of our clients which is a family run business selling educational products throughout mainland UK reap in the benefits of their custom code. The coding of their website means that it can talk to their internal stock database and other great benefits. It does this through Middleware that runs behind the scenes of the website that monitors orders placed and writes this back to sage. This benefits big companies such as Cost Cutters UK by providing all the information in one place.

In general, it is always best to get a custom designed template because it means you are in full control over your own site. The coding is better so it makes it more suitable for SEO. Sometimes templates are not compatible with all types of browsers and mobile devices but with your own code you can ensure your site is seen in the correct format on all devices and browsers. Another issue you may have with prepaid templates is that plugins may not be compatible.
The best thing about custom codes is that everything on it is your own choice. You get to decide on the fonts, colours, where things are positioned. Everything is customisable.

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