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The best Tech related April fools pranks 2011

So it’s April fools day again.. when with the power of internet media anyone can play a prank. It;s also the time of year when the big companies get in on the act! So here’s our list of the best big technical players april frools from Google to Groupon..

Google announce Gmail Motion : With a very descriptive and rather numerous video google announce how you can now send emails with some rather strange actions.


Groupon sell tickets to the Royal Wedding for £8 : The famous coupon company ‘groupon’ put up their national offer of £8 tickets to the royal wedding with ‘Entry to club after the ceremony, with music from DJ Hazbo’.


ThinkGeek announce the apple store playset : ThinkGeek and playmobil go all out in making an apple store playmobil playset video. If only there were toys this cool.


The Pirate Bay announce they have bought Ebay : Highly controversial music/film pirating site ‘thepiratebay’ who have dodged a number of law suits by moving country.. today announce they have bought Ebay! Maybe in a perfect world?


RIM debuts the screenless blackberry : Not sure of what touch screen device to get? Then RIM have the answer with the new screenless blackberry.. because lets be honest, blackberry owners only wan’t it for the keyboard anyway.


Ikea start selling a highchair for dogs : Not tech related.. but did make front page of their website! The Hundstol for dogs apparently is “suitable for large dogs up to 35 kilograms” and “fits well with other dining furniture.”

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