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The Google Panda Algorithm

panda 2Google Panda is now an official part of the Google’s core ranking algorithm but if you just thought that a Panda was a black and white bear-like animal from China, then keep on reading.

The Google Panda is a series of algorithm updates that has been designed to identify and discard low-quality websites with duplicate content. The concept hopes to get the higher quality websites to the top of the search results and penalise the websites with poor content. The Panda is an algorithm that has been applied overall to every site to measure there quality. Google will justify the quality of a website and adjust the ranking accordingly.

It is important to note what Gary Illyes of Google confirmed that ranking fluctuations are not related to Panda update.

So what’s the difference to Google now that Panda is incorporated in to their core algorithm?

Well to start with the Google’s Panda was a spam filter first introduced in February 2011 it would prevent sites with poor pandaquality content from showing up at the top of Google’s search results. So, originally the Panda’s job did not come in to action until the core ranking algorithm did its job. Now, the Panda’s role is part of the core ranking algorithm.

What should YOU do to remain in Google’s good books?

Remember that Panda was first introduce to not only to penalise the poor quality content from the search results but also so the website with useful content will appear at the top of the search results. So with the Panda part of the core algorithm, quality is key and paramount to a site’s success in the search results.

So if you are already doing a fantastic job at creating useful and interesting content for visitors to your site then keep doing what you are doing! Your main priority when creating content for your website is that you provide researched and purposeful information that people are searching for. If this is not your main aim then it should be, make it your mission to help people with your content and not make it all about generating as much traffic as you can. If that sounds like you, then stop worrying about the volume of visits and focus on being useful instead!

Be your best to meet the expectations of a searcher’s expectations. Your content might be awesome but if you are ranking for particular queries that don’t give people what they want – Google could perceive it as poor quality content.

To summarise if you are already writing great content that is useful to your audience then keep it up and Google will reward you accordingly.




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