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The importance of strong content

Over the past few years, search engines have been developing in sophistication at an alarmingly fast rate. Engines like Google are now more intelligent than ever before, and one of the major changes that has occurred is that they are now placing more and more importance on strong content when it comes to ranking websites.

Content can be anything, from the words you use on your “About Us” page to the images and videos you choose to enhance the website visitor’s experience – and something that Google like is websites that regularly update their content (which helps you to appear higher in their search rankings).

Take two websites of businesses who do the same thing – Clothing Company A and Clothing Company B. They are both the same size, they’re next to each other on the same road in the same town, and they both offer the same service and products to their customers.

Clothing Company A made their website three years ago and haven’t touched it since. Clothing Company B regularly update their website with interesting content, such as information on new fashion trends and news from the catwalks which get lots of likes on social media and loads of comments on the blog.

Which company do you think Google will favour?

Not only does regularly updated content tell the Google crawlers that your company is alive and kicking, it also allows you to integrate loads of keywords in to the content which helps when it comes to SEO.

This blog post is an example of content supporting SEO as we’ve made sure that we’ve done everything we can to give you an interesting read whilst optimising it to attract more traffic from search engines. For example, we would like to rank highly in Google for the keyword “website design” – so we’ve included “website design” in the first two words of the title of this post because Google give that section of the page precedence when it comes to indexing.

So again, if Company A have a total of five pages on their website and Company B have hundreds of different pages as a result of regularly updated content, all of which are optimised to attract and appeal to search engines through content – which company do you think Google will favour?

If your website hasn’t been updated in a while, it could be worth integrating a “Blog” or “News” page to support your SEO efforts. Contact us and we’d be happy to provide you with a quote.

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