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The new Google+ social network & how it will effect your business

This month the search engine giant Google have announced the launch of their very own social network set to take on facebook, known as Google+. It is only available by invitation at the moment however at inLIFE we have had chance to test it out in beta alongside a number of other Internet gurus including Mark Zuckerburg (owner and founder of facebook). Mark also just happens to be one of the most popular users and has, in a rare move, gone on record in saying ‘This is evidence that the future of the Internet is a social one’

So the big question is will it take on facebooks current social choke hold? Our guess is it will never surpass facebook however we do predict within the next 18 months it will grow to a more than worthy adversary. The reason for it’s success we believe will be down to one thing… the fact it is pre built into google search. Google being THE go-to search engine can provide small ‘+1’ buttons next to it’s listing results, clicking on this will allow you to share it instantly in your google plus account within your ‘cirlces’ (as google calls it) of friends, family or own custom ‘circles’ of friends.

This is all very well as another way social networking tool to see your nephews drunken antics from last weekend, but what does it mean to your business? The big advantage over facebook for business is again lies behind Googles power in search, they have used this fact to their advantage thus having +1 next search listings will allow your users to instantly share your website seamlessly with friends. On top of this with a bit of extra code users can even share individual items such as products within your website. It makes sharing content as natural as face books recent social graph of ‘likes’ that have popped up around the internet. Once more this is another great way for your consumers to do your marketing for you… the only work you have to do is make a product or service good enough that users want to share it!

So keep an eye on google plus over the next few months and look out for the +1 buttons next to listings. If you want to ensure your website is ready for Google +, set up a Google plus account or get additional buttons within your site contact is today for more advice.

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