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The next step in social media announced at F8

Since the first f8 keynote in 2007 facebooks annual conference has not only grown in numbers but media attention now having a huge influence on the world.

At last years event facebook announced the open social graph allowing individual web pages, products and more to have their own like button anywhere on the web.

This year Mark Zuckerburg the worlds youngest billionaire took the stage again in trainers and tshirt announcing the next step. Facebook have extending their open graph now even further allowing you to share specific actions that can be set in your own apps created by developers.

For example cooking, reading or what is set to be the biggest impact ‘listening’ to music. The Spotify app will allow you to see what friends are listening too there and then with Spotify’s CEO taking the F8 stage to announce this. On another hand the Netflix app will allow you to see what movies friends are watching without them every having to click share (this is if they set the app to do this of course, it’s always your own choice).

But what does this mean for business and the future of social media?

At inLIFE developing these types apps for your business will be interesting and unrestricted as we can choose any activity to respond to your product i.e wearing, watching, eating. This is just the start of breaking the boundaries between everyday life and digital marketing.

On top of this facebook also announced their new Timleine feature. This is an overall ‘biography’ like summary of your life past and present. A great way to express your entire life on a single page. Apps can be selected to add to your timeline for example the ‘travel app’ will show a mapping of your facebook posts by geo location from where you posted them in the world.

If you haven’t embraced facebook yet for your business, with 1 in 13 people in the world having a facebook account.. now is the time.

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