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inLIFE top 10 Podcasts!

1. TWiT
This Week in Tech, a bunch of tech and computer related geeky news bunched together by some interesting people.

2. Buddhist geeks
A break from listening to technical gubbins and and a slam dunk back to reality

3. Creative Xpert
Great web design podcast from a couple of humorous guys who tell it how it is

4. Boagworld
A great web design podcast full of good info but by a slightly egotistic guy

5. Stuff.TV
A great short video burst of the latest gadgets to hit the market from stuff magazine

6. The Guardian : Tech Weekly
The guardian produce excellent podcasts in general, this one tech related

7. The Guardian : Science Weekly
The guardian produce excellent podcasts in general, this one science related

8. Phil n Phil
A very funny podcast

9. GeekBrief TV
A video based geek and techno gadget podcast with crazy but attractive presenter

10. Web Design TV
This is a new video podcast from .net magazine, give it time.

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