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Top 3 highlights from the Gadget Show 2011

The Gadget show this year was a mixture of cheap plastic phone accessories mixed with a few good finds.. but the few good gadgets lying around didn’t disappoint.

So here’s the inLIFE top 3 highlights of the Gadget show 2011.

1) NeuroSky Mind Control Device : Speaking to Jim from Neurosky he informed us how the NEC had to move them to a bigger stand due to popularity and blocking one of the isles, and it was easy to see why. The device that sits on your head allows you to control computer games simply by thinking. With a personal demo from Jim he showed us how 2 main algorithms they had set up for the show were concentrating and relaxation. By relaxing the mind we was able to lift a ball and will it to move on the screen.

They also offer a software developer kit for writing your own programs, so taking them up on this we have purchased the device and now set about incorporating it into the next stage of IRIS smart home automation. This should allow the TV to be turned on, Kettle boiled and lights dimmed simply by thinking it. Stay tuned for progress on this.

2) The Avatar : Warwick university had an avatar device, this in laymens terms is a screen on a stick on wheels.. showing a webcam live of the controllers head allowing them to walk (or wheel) around the show.. or wherever they want from the comfort of their own home. Even allow interaction through the screen showing the operators head and a camera relaying back to the operator where they are going.

On boy in America with a deadly lack of immune system even currently attends school with one of these devices. He can interact with friends, teachers and move between classes then at the end of the day park up in the corner. Read more on this here

3) The self mowing lawn mowers & hoovers : The robots are already starting to take over our chores with the introduction of lawnmowers that park up in the corner, determine when your grass is too long then set about mowing it until done.

The same goes for the collection of Hoovers including the popular roomba that in the same way sets about your floor hovering up with its rang of sensors until the floor is cleaned.

A few more snaps from the show..

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