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Top 3 ways to freshen up your website without spending a fortune

1 : Change your look without paying for an entire new website

Most websites today are built on a Content Management System (I.E WordPress or Magento). This means that all your content is stored in a completely separate place to where your websites design is pulled from. The benefit of having your design elements in their own little area is that rather than paying out for an entire new website, you can keep all content as it is and have a complete fresh face for your site. This allows you to have animation, mobile responsive features and more but without starting from scratch. Your content management system can also be updated to the latest version which in-turn may give you additional features you never expected.

This could cost less than a quarter the price of having an entire new website!

If you are not sure if your website is on a content management system then drop us a message and our team of geeks will have a look over the site and let you know.


2 : Add a blog, or pull news automatically to your homepage

If you don’t already have a blog then it’s a simple feature to add on. This can often be achieved without a complete new website being required. In addition you can then automatically feed news items through to a section your homepage whenever a new blog article is added. This means every time a user visits your website they see new content and your website is continuously staying fresh… given you add blog items that is!

You don’t even need to pull your own news items in. If your business is based around a popular topic then you can also pull feeds in from other news sources using ‘RSS’. These may provide useful information to your visitors, however for the sake of search engine optimisation we would always recommend writing your own news items first!


3 : Embed social media feeds

If you are active on social media but not on your website, then you can also give your website that continuously updated feel by automatically pulling in your latest social media content to your pages. This could be any of the following :

  • Your Facebook page feed with latest posts.
  • Your latest Tweets.
  • Your latest Youtube video or Channel.
  • Your latest Instagram images (or those with a specific hash tag)

Your website will always then have shiny new content on the homepage with minimal effort.


If your getting a bit bored with your website then maybe give one of these a go for a fresh new feel! If you have any questions then drop us a message and we’re always happy to help.



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