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Top 5 Digital Marketing trends set for 2019

2019 is set to be a big year for digital business growth.

We are now at a point where most companies already have a well established digital footprint, so in 2019 every business is going to be battling for new ways to stand out from the crowd online.

Mobile responsive websites with smart calls to action may not be enough to stand out from your competition any more (and if you don’t have these yet then contact us to catch up quick). It’s now all about innovating on a users digital experiences to keep them engaged with a unique personal approach. Luckily we have solutions to make sure you get the most reach, without the expense of having to hire a team of in-house geeks to do this for you.

Below we have highlighted some brief introductions into the trends set for 2019.

1 – Omni Channel marketing

This is the importance of hitting your audience from multiple touch points across different channels. Utilising a core message across different platforms and measuring the results. We can help you achieve this with an effective blended digital marketing plan and automated marketing to turn one update into multiple updates across the web.

2 – Digital Experience

Users are getting more fickle than ever online, so it’s important to make sure you keep users engaged with a simple but effective experience leading them on a user journey. This is the art of making information sharing short fun, snappy but effective. Provide something users will want to engage with and providing you with the contacts or orders you’d like.

3 – Platform targeting

Social media is changing, different age groups and demographics are now favouring some platforms over another, so it’s important to know your audience, their platform of choice and how they interact with this. For example the biggest growth of users on Facebook at present is users over the age of 55, whereas Instagram usage is growing across all age ranges with the most popular being 25 – 34.\

4 – Influencer Marketing

Whilst this has been around for a while, influencers for brands are now more available than ever with bloggers and Youtubers becoming new age celebrities and most specialising on a specific topic or field. We can help you reach the right ones and help get your brand out there to an audience who is actively listening.

5 – Chatbots and AI

When you speak online to large companies, the chances are you are now speaking to an AI robot with automated responses. The quality of these bots means that it is now becoming almost indistinguishable between genuine human and AI. But as technology moves on, the cost of these solutions has reduced meaning that this can be set up for anyone to assist users easily.

Be Prepared

If you would like to pre book a 2019 growth plan meeting now then get in touch and we will be happy to cover everything in more detail. We can help advise you on the perfect digital marketing blend for your sector, with measurable results.

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