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Turn your website into a mobile App

This year the average time of mobile app usage per person per day was 81 minutes, compared to 74 minutes on the Web.

On top of this in 2011 for the first time, smartphone and tablet shipments exceed those of desktop and notebook shipments. Although we don’t have to tell you that, chances are you are already a smartphone owner and have witnessed the smartphone zombies walking the streets and sitting around the dinner table starring at their hands.

So there is no doubt the forseable future of the web is mobile based.

Given this fact more and more business want to get into apps, however to be accepted on the ‘app store’ your app has to have a use, a valid audience and a purpose. i.e you cannot just submit your website or video converted into ‘app’ format as this will be declined, you can however submit an app that may be of use to your customers i.e a ‘decibel sound level app’ for speaker manufacturers – but bear in mid this will have to be maintained in order to stay useful. On top of this the cheapest web app prices start from around £4000, although can soon be made back through app sales or advertising, given your app is worthy of buying of course.

So how can you break this market in an affordable way without having to think of a useful app, spend a few grand and then hope it gets accepted into the app store? This is where web apps come in.

20110730-093600.jpgWeb apps run as an app but over the Internet rather than stored in your phones memory, when viewing a website from your mobile the display instantly becomes a functional app.

Dedicated web aps can be created however in a more popular move you can seamlessly turn your current website into a mobile app when viewing from mobile phone. This instantly shows your current website in an app format yet keeps the same look when viewing from desktop.

To see a working example of this try viewing www.inLiFEdesign.com on your smart phone. You will instantly notice a complete change from the regular desktop version. The site shows a condensed app sized website with mobile drop down menu, mobile sized pages and functionality. At the bottom you will also see a flip switch allowing you to switch back to desktop version too. You can even save the site as a desktop icon on your iPhone which displays an inLIFE app icon to return easily.

20110730-093608.jpgInternal web apps can even be created for managing business, submitting reports, job sheets and more. At inLIFE have noticed a huge increase in requests for this type of web app development in the past few months alone!

And now the sales pitch.. if you are not interested in setting up a web app stop reading here.

Our prices in web app development start at £300. This price is given that we (or another pro web agency) have built your site, as if the site is not coded to a quality standard we may have to re write a lot in order for it to be compatible.

For bespoke internal web apps for business systems management quotes vary depending on the exact project and needs.

Contact us today for more information.

Statistics source : TheTechJournal

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