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Video Production Staffordshire

We create high quality video filming, editing and effects for web, social and TV media. Establishing thought provoking video production and attention-grabbing content to drive calls to action.

Our video production is unique in that we can provide the quality of London based agencies at a fraction of the cost. We can achieve this due to the skillset and experience of our chief in house Videographer James Cooper. James has moved from creating in-house videos for the likes of Tesco and One Stop, into providing the same level of high-quality filmed videos & animation, but at a sensible price! 

Video for web

When we create video for web we not only consider developing striking content with calls to action. Beyond this we take into consideration the platform and actions of the users themselves. We can even track video plays and metrics to report back on precise user action.

video production staffordshire

Web, banner & backgrounds

Multiple clips can be created from a single video shoot, at different sizes for background banner usage or shorter clips pulled out for Social Media

Video for web

Calls to action

For YouTube we can consider calls to actions including action links at the end or throughout built directly into the video. This can be links to web pages, other videos and more.

videographer staffordshire

YouTube or channel set up

We can set up your YouTube or web video Channel on your behalf including branded design and direct integration with your website or social platforms.

video youtube


Did you know on mobile phones that most videos are now watched without Audio. We can embed subtitles direct into your video or have them auto generated from the video platform into any language.

Video for social media

Videos for social media need to be short sharp and impacting. Memorable content that users will want to share.

Media targeted

Each media platform acts in a different way with some platforms only restricted to a specific video length. Each social media platform also has different options in terms of overlays and click through links. We make sure you get it right.

Subtitle overlays

On social media the majority of videos will auto play with audio turned off, for this reason subtitles will be key to keeping users engaged on social media. We can embed these direct into the platform allowing for translations too.

Meme based theory

The term Meme was founded by Richard Dawkins and in its simplest form is known as a ‘virus of the mind’ – This is based around content that users will actively want to share working on the foundations of human evolution.

Social platform set up

We can help you get your platform off the ground including Youtube or social media channel setup, branding and adverts to get the most from your video content.

Green screen video production

With our in house and mobile green screen we can create a professional video that makes you stand out from the ground. Keep an eye on our blog for our special talking heads video event days too with some great offers.

green screen video staffordshire

Business or product introductions

Create a professional business introduction with your logo in the background or a combination of static or moving visuals to represent your content.

green screen video

Reality mash-up

Combine green screen and reality to create a breath taking video that will keep your audience engaged.

green screen video production

Testimonial videos

Get testimonials from your clients with any imagery in the background to represent the content or your business.

green screen animators

Go beyond imagination

We can help you create and imagine a video that stands out from the competition with spectacular visuals that your audience won’t forget.

Video for TV & advertising media

We can develop your next TV, Cinema or Screen advertising promotion to engage your audience and drive results.

tv video production staffordshire

TV & Cinema adverts

From our experience in working with One-Stop, Tesco and other big name brands we can help you create stunning visuals that will stun your audience on the big screen.

advertising screen video producers

Digital screen advertising

We can develop videos at any resolution shape or size to fit digital billboard video advertising wherever you need it.

waiting room videos

Waiting room screen videos

Creating one off or monthly videos to push directly to your waiting screen or required digital media.

advertising video company

Online ads

If you are running a pay per click or an SEO promotion through social media or advertising then video is proven to stop audiences in the tracks and make them click.

Video animation, special effects & audio

Added effects give your video that professional feel and can make your message stand out. From simple logo animations to full special effects or animated cartoon videos.

voice over video

Voice overs

We have a range of professional voice over artists with different styles to give an overview of your video and drive calls to action.

licensed music

Licensed music

We can source and arrange high quality licensed audio to ensure you have the rights to use it within your video. We can even have specific music composed if required.

video effects

Graphical overlays

We can insert graphical content throughout your video to showcase certain elements of the video, from simple logo sting animations to full special effects.

video animation staffordshire


Full animation videos with custom designed characters or animation blended into reality to tell your story.

Videography filming in Staffordshire

We can help plan your video from the start, helping you convert a seedling of an idea into producing this into a full storyboard and planned out concept.

video filming staffordshire

On site filming

We have a range of equipment for on site video filming from HD cameras to lighting rigs, gimbal stabilisers and motion rollers. We can capture the moment any time and anywhere.

event filming

Event videos

We can film entire events with multiple camera operators on hand to film every angle for an overall polished and high quality edited result.

drone video filming

Drone videos

Get that awesome shot from the air taking in all the surrounding, or a smooth panning motion shot with our top of the range drone filming.

story board

Story boarding

We can sit down with you and suggest an initial concept or advise on your ideas to ensure you get the best result from your investment.

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