We test the new iPhone 4S with funny Siri questions.. video goes viral! - inLIFE

We test the new iPhone 4S with funny Siri questions.. video goes viral!

Just over a week ago the new apple iPhone 4S pre orders came online at 8:45, by 8:48 I had an order number! So waiting for it to be delivered on Friday 14th was like waiting for Christmas!

When it arrived obviously the first thing to do was play with Siri and test out some funny questions, a couple of these we found samples on forums and a couple we made up. I wanted more things to try so did a quick youtube search for ‘funny things to say to siri’ and there were ZERO results.. then it dawned on me I was probably one of the first people to even try this with getting it so early! So we sat at inLIFE HQ made a video instead for everyone else who may have been searching for similar!

Little did we know however it would go viral over night! So far in the space of two days its had nearly 9000 views and still growing! It has even been ripped from youtube and re-edited with Chinese subtitles here

So take a look at the video of our ‘funny things to say to siri‘ and remember where you heard it first.

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