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What happens to .EU domains with a Brexit deal or no deal

‘Brexit walks into a bar, the barman says… why the long farce’

You are probably as sick of us about the whole Brexit malarky now. So if you have any .EU domain names (www.yourcompany.eu) then read on.. if not then don’t worry!

.EU domains if no deal Brexit

The .EU registry EURid has published a revision to its Brexit notice, but in summary here is what you need to know

Transfer your .EU domain or it will be cancelled

  • On 23rd March, EURid began emailing registrants in the UK who have an .EU domain not registered with a non British address.
  • UK residents have 2 months from March 30th 2019 to demonstrate their compliance to keep the domain or transfer it to someone within the EU who is compliant (with a 2 month window) in which domain the domain will remain active.
  • This only applies to you if you own a .EU domain but do not have your principal place of business in the EU, not established in the EU or are not a resident of the EU. If you are a European citizen with a UK address then it’s still tough!

What if you don’t transfer?

  • If you do not transfer your domain then it will be automatically cancelled and no longer support any active services.
  • It will stay in limbo for a year and then be reactivated for anyone else to register.

.EU domain if and when Brexit deal goes ahead

In short :

  • .EU domain names will continue to work until 2nd March 2021
  • Any cancelled domains will be released for registration from January 2022
  • UK and EU citizens will still be able to register new .EU domains during this period
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