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What your web designers are NOT telling you…

chainsAlmost on a weekly basis we have clients move over to us from other agencies who do not give them access to update or even own their own website.

Common scenarios we hear are :

+ No access to change simple text and images, forcing you to continue paying for every minor change needed.

+ No access to code or server which restricts you from using other other agencies to help out with things like SEO and social media.

+ Continued monthly payments for a website rather than a one off payment.

+ No ownership of design rights, meaning you do not actually own your website and have to pay when you want to move away.

+ No ownership of your own domain name, meaning the domain is registered in another agencies name.

A lot of our current clients may take it for granted that we provide this unrestricted access, however when we speak to new clients that join us it often comes as a revelation that they can actually edit their own website and have full ownership without monthly payments.

When web design agencies first came into play in the late 90’s, locking down a client was common practice and the way things have done. However, as the web has expanded it has become a lot more open and friendly. The way of the world has moved on however it seems a lot of agencies are still stuck in the old way of doing things. Luckily we are not alone, a number of agencies are now becoming more open and friendly as we are and leaving ‘lock downs’ in the 90’s.

What else aren’t you being told?

In addition to this we often take on websites that don’t have the basic legal requirements such as company number, registered trading address and privacy policy.

Whenever required we also discuss the importance of Terms & Conditions and work closely with a specialised Digital solicitor. In addition, the need for SSL protection and ISO data protection membership when it comes to taking direct Merchant payments online via your Bank.

We are here to advise you every step of the way.


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