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What’s New on Social Media

What has been happening in the world of social media lately? Have a look at some of the new features that are being rolled out and tested.


In the latest blog post, ‘Oh, How Pinteresting!’ Pinterest have launched a new visual search tool. If you are part of the pvisual-search-results-staticopulation that have not yet got addicted to the world of Pinterest and have no idea what it is, here’s a little outline.

Pinterest is an online scrap book that allows you to create boards on a variety of different themes. Users can ‘pin’ different images or videos from their own and others’ boards and this will create an external link for example to a product page or blog post. That in mind if your business is product related then it may be a good idea to join the Pinterest bandwagon as it is great for SEO for your website and getting your brand out there.

Back to their ‘pinteresting’ update. When looking through Pinterest for some inspiration and you spot something you want, but you don’t know how to find it in real life. The new visual search tool allows you to section part of that image and searches for pins just like it. It even adds a topic filter so you can find exactly what you are looking for.


Using Live on Facebook? It waslivescribe introduced back in August and is similar to Periscope where thousands of public figures can share their live videos with millions of fans. Now you can get notified with the new subscribe option released. You can live in-the-moment with those public figures you care about by tapping the subscribe button on the top right-hand corner of live videos so you have get notifications when they are using Live.

If you are not on Live, it gives you a behind the scenes exclusive with musicians, athletes, actors, politicians and other influencers.

Facebook are also testing out a new fundraising feature that they are hoping will improve how the Donate button works. People will be able to donate to charities without leaving Facebook. The feature plans to help non-profits reach new supporters, engage their community and get the valuable funding they need to continue their good work.


Linkedin are excited to announce that the professional network has grown to 400 million members around the world. Their vision is to create the world’s first economic graph by digitally mapping the global economy, identifying the connections between people, jobs, companies, skills, schools, and knowledge. If you want to get connected with the inLIFE team, just send us an invitation here.


Instagram are mtumblr_inline_nttb4eDDmy1qm4rc3_540aking the direct message service easier by introducing threaded messages. This will make a chain of messages rather than creating a new conversation every time you send a photo or video. They have also added the ability to name your groups, a quick selfie option and a larger-than-life emoji for when there are just no words!


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