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Where in the world is your website?

Do you know what company your website or domain name is hosted with? If so do you know what location in the world your website is sitting on a server?

A lot of new clients we speak to don’t even know the first question, and the majority don’t know the answer to the second! But why is this important?

1 – Your Hosting Company and domain name

This is where your personal data is sitting, and your domain name is an important company asset in 2022! How would you feel if it didn’t auto renew tomorrow and you lost www.YourCompanyName.co.uk? For this reason it’s important to have your assets with a local company you can trust.. this is where we come in!

2 – Your website server location in the world

Every day we speak to clients who’s website are sitting on a server somewhere in the world like Germany, United States and even Slovakia. This can often happen when using a hosting provider such as 1&1, GoDaddy or similar. Whereas all our hosting is UK based with our own hosting company Templar Hosts. But what difference does that make?

When ranking you on search engines, Google will look at your website location and rank you higher based on where you are based as well as speed. Having a server sat in a far away remote location effects both of these factors negatively. Not only that, trying to actually call and speak to a human at these providers if the worst happens is near impossible.

If you’d like complete peace of mind as to where your assets are, as well as a UK based server then drop us a message today and we’d be happy to help .

With a free website transfer fee we make everything easy

We take care of everything, from helping you locate your current hosting company if you have no idea where it is, to the complete seamless transfer with no down time. With standard website hosting from £12 per month and advanced VPS hosting from £33 per month. Get in touch or head over to our Hosting Website and buy online today www.templarhost.co.uk

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