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Case Study : SEO Boost providing measurable results

We were commissioned to provide a simple SEO boost for local accounting company.

Culley Lifford Chartered accountants had their website upon and running for a while, however it was more of a place for current clients to visit, or a research point for anyone who had heard off them by word of mouth. They noted that they never really had any direct new business come from the website.

We started off with researching the current websites state of play by performing and SEO Audit. Our SEO Boosts consist of firstly providing a free audit of the current website and outlining a score out of 100 along with issues that could be actioned to increase rankings.

Unlike monthly SEO, this is a one of fix to give the site a boost and ensure the website is built on the very best foundations for any SEO moving forward. We include this as part and parcel of some of our monthly SEO packages, however a single boost is all some local companies need to get their website discovered online.


How we did it

After carrying out the initial free website audit we then discussed important keywords to be found, our resident SEO guru then set about the site correcting all issues within the code and implementing the correct keywords, tags and requirements throughout the content. Finally external aspects are looked at such as Google and Bing Webmaster accounts, sitemaps and backlinks.

Before carrying out the boost we set up the website in it’s current state onto our unique real time reporting system. So measurable results could be provided, rather than the client simply taking our word for it.


The Results


Following the boost the above graph shows the total increase on the 2 core search engines Google and Bing, this is based on the keywords provided to us by the client. An individual measurement for each key word is also provided however we have omitted these for client confidentiality.

The graph shows that from the keywords provided an increase of 365 places on Google was achieved via the boost, with 3 of the keywords now appearing on the front page of Google.

Overall Organic Search traffic was increased and now providing the largest proportion of incoming visitors to the website. Often when carrying out SEO bounce rate (people visiting the website and leaving straight away) can increase however we managed to maintain this below the standard 50% marker.

Page views also increased overall showing that more users were now navigating through the site, we also set goals to target the contact page which also proved that more users were getting in touch.


Client Benefits

Last but not least, we always ask clients to ask new customers where they have heard of them from if possible, luckily this was a standard procedure with our client and we were provided positive feedback saying that in the past very rarely people said they had come through the website, whereas they were now getting 1 or 2 a week.

We have since received a written testimonial thanking us for the work, please see below

SEO testimonial


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