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Cost effective Group Company websites

If your company forms part of a large group of companies, then having a new website and branding can be a pretty scary concept.

Not just the logistics of it, but the cost. If you have 3, 4 or 10+ companies as part of your group then the cost of a new website for each can soon add up.

Luckily at inLIFE we have the solution, and this is something we have put in place for a number of our clients.

Our cost effective solution

  1. First we custom design and develop a single website for approval
  2. We utilise this as a base for all other websites, which can then be replicated at a third of the price.
  3. We change colour schemes, images, content, pages, add pages and adjust the whole look (whilst maintaining the core developed structure) to match each of the additional group websites
  4. These can all be stored on a single server too, so you are not paying for hosting of each website individually.

The joy of using this method is that whilst each website has its own styling and brand dedicated to its particular target audience, it still maintains the overall structural theme of your company in order to keep brand consistency across the group.

These sites can be on a single domain i.e. type or they could each have their own individual domain name to separate them entirely. This will also depend on the level of search engine optimisation required for each site, which we can help advise with.


Examples of group clients we have helped :



We designed and developed the group sites for On Logistics. They have an overall group, with 3 core divisions. Each division has its own target audience and specific way of marketing to a client.

Below you can see examples of each of the websites, with its own unique brand and style of marketing whilst maintaining an overall brand consistency.




Unitech have a large number of sub companies each which need their own dedicated search engine optimisation to rank on Google for their particular subject.




Multibrand have 2 core audiences, commercial and domestic sectors each dedicated to the user in question.


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